king of fighters all star hack cheats unlimited rubies

king of fighters all star hack cheats unlimited rubies

Are you ready for our new king of fighters all star hack? You are just a few steps away from finally getting free Rubies on your iOS and Android smartphone and tablet!

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How does the king of fighters all star hack work?

The new king of fighters all star hack was programmed from scratch and adapted to the new settings. The video above shows how the brand new king of fighters all star hack works. The procedure is actually very simple. First you have to enter your KOF ALL STAR username, then you choose which and how many resource players you want to have.

After the selection, the data is loaded, this takes about 3 minutes to establish a connection to the server and to exploit the security hole !!! If everything works properly, you will need to verify yourself to ensure that the kof all star hack is not misused. After verification, you will be sent the resource vouchers in about 3 minutes! don’t think much and get as many resource as possible while this vulnerability is still working.

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King of Fighters AllStar review

Why you need to use our king of fighters all star hack?

There are so many websites that promise kof all star rubies hack and other tips and tricks, but they never tell you how to get free Rubies, Spin and other items. It is so important that you can get these items for free. We therefore recommend our king of fighters all star hack for Android and iOS. To use it you don’t need root and jailbreak for your iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, HTC or any other smartphone or tablet.

king of fighters all star hack benefits

  • IOS : Whether Iphone, Ipad or Ipod, all IOS devices and their systems are supported.
  • ANDROID : All Android devices (smartphones, tablets… etc) and the Android versions are supported.
  • The items will all remain on your account.
  • We update the king of fighters all star hack almost daily
  • ANTI-BAN : An anti-ban security has been implemented to protect your account
  • PROXY : A private proxy server is used to access the KOF ALLSTAR servers to manipulate.
  • 256-BIT SSL ENCRYPTION : With the 256-bit SSL encryption you are on the safe side.

The King of Fighters Allstar Cheats: tips and guide to win all battles

Cheats from The King of Fighters ALLSTAR – Guide to always win. Tremendous arrival of The King of Fighters ALLSTAR on mobile. A classic of fighting games that included the concept of teams and group combos. If you want to stand out in this new arrival of the SNK legend, watch out. We bring you the best tricks of king of fighters all star hack .

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR cheats – First steps

Despite its staging at the beat’em up, The King of Fighters ALLSTAR keeps many of the things in the original saga. One of them is teamwork. To select your team you must choose the three main characters and choose their leader. The leader will be the fighter who occupies the first window on the left.

Together with the main characters, you can choose three characters that make strikers. Basically, you can match your main personal with these new characters, who will be the ones who perform with them the joint combo. As always, you can move from one fighter to another in the middle of the battle.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR cheats – Basics

Control modes: You can choose between automatic, manual and semi-automatic. In automatic, your characters are controlled by the game. In semi, you can control the skills. And in manual, you have total control over your fighters. Choose the one that best suits you. The best thing is that you can change at any time, so it may be a good idea to put it in a car when you are screaming or pouting.

KOF All stars

Wrestlers: To get wrestlers you will have to invoke them as in Saint Seiya Awakening. To do this you will have to access the invocation portal through the main menu. In the portal you will see several types of invocation, do not forget to give info to know what characters you can invoke and the success rate, which usually varies. To improve your players you have several options:

  • Level up: Get experience fighting or use Experience materials to raise your level.
  • Evolution: Increase your star bar
  • Limit Break: Use a Fighter Soul to increase your character’s maximum level.
  • Core: Unlock their cores to improve their aptitudes
  • Affinity: Increase your affinity with other fighters

Here are the following tricks to The King of Fighters ALL STAR :

  • Choose the leader well: The leader’s skills affect the entire team, so don’t get carried away with nostalgia and choose the best one for your team.
  • Participate in events: The golden rule of mobile games, participate in all daily events and enter the dungeon to get items that improve your fighters.
  • Improve your fighters whenever you can.
  • Use the elements: The king of fighters all star hack uses the stone scissors paper method with the elements: Red, Green, Yellow, Violet and Blue. Each character is of one type and has advantages and weaknesses compared to others. Keep it in mind when fighting.
  • Use the game modes with intelligence. Better to play in manual, but use the automatic when you go to grind.
  • Take advantage of the automatic mode and repeat phases and missions to get experience, pasta and objects.

About the game

The King of Fighters‘ (abbreviated KOF) is a saga of fighting video games developed by the SNK company in 1994 for the Neo Geo system. Since then, we have been attending the arrival of different deliveries (both in Arcade and consoles), being ‘The King of Fighters XIV’ (2016) the last one. Now that we know that ‘The King of Fighters XV’ is already in the oven, the saga lands again on the screens of mobile phones around the world as ‘The King of Fighters ALL STAR’

And we say “from all over the world” because in Japan it has been available since the summer of 2018 , but it was at the beginning of 2019 when Netmarble officially announced that this action RPG would finally arrive in North America, Europe and Latin America at the end of the year . Today, finally, it is now available for download on both Google Play and App Store.

Multiplayer battles and cooperative games

If there is something that stands out in this action RPG, it is the first of its kind to include all the characters in the King of Fighters series , from KOF’94 to KOF XIV and even some new ones. You can choose from more than 200 original fighters to form the strongest team and compete in the arena, the league, tournaments and other modalities.

40 years of history in SNK, 40 years of a living legend of recreational and Neo Geo

In addition, you can improve your skills and play fast games just a few touches by executing special moves in extreme action combos. It is also possible to face people from all over the world in real-time online multiplayer battles and ally with other players in strategic cooperative games.

This new title, with a high dose of mechanical gacha, is now available for free download in the App Store and in Google, where a 2.5 GHz quad-core CPU and 2 GB of RAM are listed as minimum recommended specifications. On both platforms, the game offers purchases within the app , with an amount ranging from 1.09 to 109.99 euros.

The King of Fighters all star: 7 tips to get off to a good start

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR became a phenomenon after its worldwide mobile launch. The famous saga comes to our phones with a somewhat novel approach, with RPG touches, and there are many details to consider. If you had difficulty getting started in this game, we help you with 7 essential tips!

The King of Fighters ALL STAR combat mechanics

Do not be fooled into thinking that, to defeat all enemies, simply touch the screen randomly. Although kof all star hack is simple in mechanics, it requires a bit of tactics and strategy to overcome all the fighting.

Each fighter has his own set of attacks. Learn to use them correctly to carry out incredible combos along with destroyers. In that sense, one of the first things you should do is always fight manually . In this way, you will have complete control in the execution of attacks and abilities.

Attacking all the time is not all in this game. The defense and dodge buttons are there for you to use, and they will be very useful! Keep in mind that sometimes you will face four or more opponents at the same time, so you should defend yourself. If you see yourself cornered, defend yourself, dodge and attack again when you see a clear opportunity.

Adopt one type of combo for each fighter and training

If you are still in your first hours of play, you don’t need to try to be too innovative in The King of Fighters all star . Limit yourself to simple combos, switching between basic attacks and abilities. Gradually, you will be able to understand the potential of your fighters and better chain all movements.

When the time comes, you will need to learn to make better combinations of attacks to make the most of all your training. To do this, we advise you two ways to focus your combats.

The first way is to play a lot with aerial combos . You simply have to make an attack or ability that sends the opponent through the air. When that happens, ask for help from your support character and combine it with special abilities or the Super. It requires you to control the timing of your attacks well, hitting at the exact moment. You will need to practice!

The second option is to take advantage of all the characters in the training. Get close to an enemy and attack with basic punches. Then use a special ability and immediately switch to another character. Repeat this process constantly at the right time, and you can chain attacks without stopping!

1.Assemble a consistent team

One of the basic features of kof all star hack is the fact that the player can choose a team of 3 fighters. That is the fundamental part to succeed in this game. The characters must be combined in one way or another so that the team can take full advantage.

For example, a team formed only of men or women will be stronger than a mixed one. There are also preferences for fighters that are of the same version or year, like all of the year 94 or 97. If you manage to make these types of combinations, you will get a bonus in training.

The Strikers need to have a Link of the fighter

The Fighter’s Link occurs when a Striker offers a bonus or advantage to the corresponding fighter. If you still do not understand how the theme of these links works, you should use the “Automatic training” option. This will show you which is the ideal group for the corresponding phase, including the Knockers.

Choose fighters with different elements

You will see that each fighter has a specific element. This system of elements is simple to understand. A particular element will be stronger than a specific one, but weaker to a third particular element. Make sure you have at least one fighter with the winning element, depending on the episode or phase in which you are going to participate.

That is also a rule for hitters or secondary fighters. All of them need to be chosen according to the advantages offered by the group leader. That is, if the leader of the training is purple, you should have at least one of the same color to take advantage of the bonus.

If you want to know which element is superior or inferior to another, we tell you in the following list:

  • Red is stronger against Green, but weaker against Blue.
  • Green is stronger against Yellow, but weaker against Red.
  • Yellow is stronger against Purple, but weaker against Green.
  • Purple is stronger against Blue, but weaker against Yellow.
  • Blue is stronger against Red, but weaker against Purple.

2.Improve your fighters

After finishing the first mission, you will automatically win 2 more fighters. Over time, you can acquire others, even your favorite franchise. Even so, even if you don’t have the strongest characters, never forget to improve them. The battles will be complicated as you go and you should have at least one high level character.

As a general rule, the best thing you can do at the moment is to put your resources on the character you chose at the beginning of king of fighters all star hack . The easiest way to improve it is to fight, since at the end of some fighting you will level up. The same goes for the secondary fighters who are part of the training, so keep that in mind!

The other way to improve fighters is by using potions of experiences. Characters can also equip battle cards or increase their affinity. In the case of affinity, you should check which food the fighter likes best. To know that, go to the Affinity menu and look at the food that is marked with a pink emoji with a smiling face.

3.Summon new characters

One of the best aspects of king of fighters all star hack is to be able to invoke new fighters with frequencies. There are several ways to do that, and all of them can be done in the Invocation menu, within the main menu.

As you progress in Story mode or Event Missions, you will receive special items. Among them, the most common is ruby. Our recommendation is to accumulate to invoke 10 fighters at a time. To do this, you will need 900 rubies, although on certain occasions you can also invoke 10 with only 500 rubies.

If you are worried about saving enough rubies for this task, do not fear: in the first missions of the game you will get 700 rubies minimum. This is important to keep in mind, since it is the easiest and fastest method to get more characters. If you have a repeated one, it will become a Soul. You can use that to strengthen your fighter.

In addition to rubies, there are also tickets and other items that give away capsules and battle cards. Do not hesitate to invoke whenever you can!

4.Participate in the Dungeons

Dungeons are a perfect type of mission to obtain many new items and materials that you need for character evolution. The best of all? You can repeat the same Dungeon as many times as you want, as long as you have enough Action Points or AP.

As you progress through the story, you will notice that the difficulty levels of the Dungeons will rise a lot. Although there will be times when it will take you to get through the phases, the prize you will get when completing Dungeons will be of high quality.

5.Complete daily missions and growth missions

The King of Fighters all star is an easier game to understand than it may seem, since it has similar mechanics to other mobile games. One of these mechanics is the existence of daily Missions and prizes for connecting to the game.

Both are essential to have a good experience and move quickly in the game. Completing daily quests will reward you with rubies, AP and gold coins, among other prizes. For more joy, the gift to connect you will receive automatically doing little or nothing.

Even if you can’t play almost, enter king of fighters all star hack every day. That will ensure that you eventually acquire the necessary resources to open chests and, therefore, invoke fighters and battle cards for your collection.

Do not forget to do growth missions

If you don’t know where to start or how to continue, pay attention to the growth mission. This will guide you on your way to improving as a player and will take you by the hand throughout the Story mode of the game. In addition to enjoying a story with the characters in the franchise, it will help you better understand all the mechanics offered by kof all star hack .

Of course, following the growth missions will lead you to earn more items as rewards. For that reason, we always invite you to complete these missions without fail. If you don’t know where it comes from, it appears in the upper right of the screen.

6.Add friends and check your email

From time to time the menus of king of fighters all star hack can be a bit confusing, full of information. Unfortunately, you may lose sight of some basic things, such as adding friends or viewing your email.

It’s easy to check if you have messages in your mailbox. To do this, click on the second icon in the upper right, in the main menu. It is useful to take a look from time to time, especially if a red dot appears on the icon. Over the weeks, you will receive mail with rewards for your performance or for the start of a special event.

Adding friends or other unknown players is important. Your training will consist of a main leader, two secondary fighters and 3 Strikers, but you can also have a Support. Support fighters are controlled by a real player, whom you invite for combat. Of course, it can only be called once per fight!

Whenever you call a Support in a phase or do Support for someone, you will earn friendship points. These points can be exchanged for battle cards, potions or can even be used to summon fighters in king of fighters all star hack.