King of Fighters AllStar review

King of Fighters AllStar review

When Netmarble released the production of The King of Fighters ALLSTAR , I confess I was afraid to believe that fighting games didn’t fit well on mobile devices.

To my surprise, they were able to adapt the speed and plasticity of the fighting-game moves to the simplicity and addictive mechanics of beat ’em up games in a title that hails the veterans of the arcade era and introduces it very well. beginners to one of the best fighting game franchises.

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The King of Fighters allstar is now available for iOS and Android

The Search for the King of Fighters

Make no mistake about it being a mobile game, KoF ALLSTAR will explain you the whole storyline of the saga as well as any traditional game from the famous SNK franchise. The main campaign recounts the plot from the earliest days in KoF 94 to 98.

The difference here is that they treat the original storyline as “a game within a game”. All competitions are viewed as an event within a system that is managed by a group called Tuners. At the head of this group are a trio of curious characters. Who appear to be responsible for making the system work perfectly. And chase us throughout the plot, treating us like a bug in their system.

The plot is passed through dialogues and small animated cut-scenes that pass by on the screen. We start the adventure alone and without memory until we come across a nice girl named Noah. Who comes to accompany and guide us during the plot.

Personally, it was a nice and nostalgic experience to revisit tournament editions and learn new details that were vague in fighting games.

Even those who have never had contact with the series will have no problem getting used to the way the fighters are presented in the dialogues.

Addictive gameplay

At the time of action, we continue with our trio. Three helpers, and a phased support ranging from generic scenarios to recreations of classic franchise game arenas. The fight takes place sideways and the enemies leap into the phase as we beat our way hard to the boss at the end of the phase. They can be exclusive creations of the game or the series fighters themselves according to the chapter of the story.

The interesting thing is to be able to switch between the fighters that make up the trio during the phase. It is possible to use this mechanics to further extend the striking sequence. And that goes for the helpers too. Who come in briefly to unleash an attack, and the supporters, who stay longer for continuous attacks.

Riding the trio is a complex task for the various combinations of fighters, but at the same time very fun.

The game commands work very well for mobile mechanics. Through virtual buttons we can unleash common attacks, special and finishing skills, as well as dodge and defense. Learning the right timing of the blows and connecting each of them to the skills was a very fun challenge. That reminded me a lot of traditional fighting games.

Why let the opponent rest on the floor when we can extend our combos?

Gameplay is undoubtedly the highlight of the KoF ALLSTAR experience and Netmarble‘s biggest hit. I was able to build a trio of favorite characters and had fun learning the time between blows and skills to throw enemies high. Continue the sequence in as many hits as possible. This dynamic brought me a series of references to genres I like, such as fight, hack n ‘slash and beat em up itself.

To bring even more excitement, the game looks very neat for a mobile game. The design of the characters is very beautiful, with the blows executed in a plastic way and full of special effects.

The voices are another detail that will catch mainly franchise fans, as they are identical to the voices of the original games. Iori Yagami’s sadistic laugh, Orochi Leona’s shrill scream, are all there to give that nostalgic feeling.

Each fighter brings one color on a 5-color scale, where each has an advantage over the other. And that was a determining factor in a few matches I played in the Arena. And it is precisely in this mode that we take a break from the standard story mode. I was able to cope with the composition of other players in ranked matches. But only in modes where the machine controlled the opponent.

Cool graphics

I was unable to test the modalities in real time (Friendly Match and Season Tournament) by two factors: the lack of players, which is justified by the fact that the game was not released during the review period, and the poor quality of the server connection. There are four servers in total and in all of them my connection signal has not gone red, even with a stable and good speed internet.

In other modes, game performance has been satisfactorily on my mobile (Lenovo K6), which is already obsolete among current models. At first the graphic settings come standard at most, but they can be adjusted at any time in the game options.

I tested both extremes and was very impressed by its maximum capacity at the cost of demanding a lot more from the phone battery. Likewise, I was very pleased to see that the game remained beautiful – even with the increase in jagging – and its performance was not much impaired in the minimal settings.

People who have difficulty with English can rest assured that the game is entirely in Portuguese. Even the translations are very well done. The only problem was some explanatory texts that were cut in the navigation menus.

Way beyond a great gas

KoF ALLSTARS is based on the Gasha model very common in mobile games and refers to gashapons – a kind of giveaway machine very common in Japan. However, the title brings a number of extra attractions that are being released as our missions progress. and account level. Already in the main menu we find several events and festive celebrations that guarantee us a nice bonus to give that improved account.

From my experience in other games on the Gasha model , KoF ALLSTAR proved to be very generous, because in a total of 4 invocations of 10 characters performed, in each of them I got an ultra rare character. The currency used for summoning is the ruby. And can be acquired by completing daily objectives, event missions, and story chapters. For those who can afford to invest real money, you can buy them at the play store.

In the store you can also buy monthly subscriptions that give daily ruby ​​amounts, resources for our team and even character summon tickets . The values ​​are generally slightly below average compared to other games of this type.

The fighters are divided into three rarities. Such as rare with 3 stars, super rare with 4 stars and ultra rare with 5 stars. To test the balance of the game, I made a point of investing in a character with only 3 stars and, fortunately, he maintained an excellent performance in the competitive.

A respectful experience

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is a great pick for veterans of the famous SNK fighting series and an interesting invitation for beginners. Netmarble has done a great job of adapting two very beloved genres that need more attention from the gaming industry.
Being able to reliably review classic characters with visuals and speech not only made me drop my console a little, but it made me want to have that same console game. Here is the cheer for the connection quality of the servers to improve with its release.


Great look for a mobile game;
Nice and catchy mechanics;
Original voices of the fighters;
Robust fighter evolution system that helps balance the game for F2P players


Quality of server connection very poor;
Callouts cut out in some menus.

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